SXM - Spring 2024 Schedule
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19414EDU230OL1Educational Psychology3 0000-0001 Tobias, Magdalene 2061400ACTIVE
19415EDU25001Curric Development & Instruct3 0000-0001 Tobias, Magdalene 2051500ACTIVE
19416EDU302OL1Intro to Special Education3R1730-2000 Harris-Perez, Gail 2011900ACTIVE
19417EDU351'OL1Classroom Management2 0000-0001 Tobias, Magdalene 2051500ACTIVE
19418EDU354OL1Teach the Lang Arts4 0000-0001 Willocks, Cheryl M2051500ACTIVE
19419EDU450Z1Measure & Eval In Education2W1730-2010 Tobias, Hamil 2071300ACTIVE
19420EDU452OL1Stud Tchng in Elem School9 0000-0001 Hodge-Shipley, Juliana 1521300ACTIVE
19421EDU470OL1Intern.for Practicing Teachers6 0000-0001 Sam, Marva R1511400ACTIVE
19422EPE10011English Proficiency Exam Test0 - , 00000ACTIVE