SXM - Fall 2023 Schedule
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80023EDU230 01Educational Psychology3 0000-0001 Tobias, Magdalene 2002000ACTIVE
80026EDU257 Z'1Math & the Elem Teacher5MW1600-1715 Bowen, Diana Leigh2002000ACTIVE
       T1730-1820 Bowen, Diana Leigh2002000ACTIVE
80052EDU35001Instructional Design & Tech.2 0000-0001 Salem, Yasmine R2002000ACTIVE
80056EDU3510L1Classroom Management2 0000-0001 Tobias, Magdalene 2002000ACTIVE
80057EDU3530L1Teach the Lang Arts I3 0000-0001 Willocks, Cheryl M2002000ACTIVE
80060EDU360 H'1Sci. & the Elementary Teacher5 0000-0001 , 2002000ACTIVE
80065EDU365 Z'1Tchng Soc Stud in Elem Schools3TR1600-1715 Larsen, Lauren C2002000ACTIVE