SXM - Fall 2020 Schedule
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88606EDU2300L1Educational Psychology3 0000-0001 Tobias, Magdalene 1510500ACTIVE
88607EDU250OL1Curric Development & Instruct3 0000-0001 , 1501500CANCELLED
88876EDU257 Z1Math & the Elem Teacher5TR1600-1715 Williams, Basil A2051500ACTIVE
       TR1600-1715 Bowen, Diana Leigh2051500ACTIVE
       W1720-1810 Williams, Basil A2051500ACTIVE
       W1720-1810 Bowen, Diana Leigh2051500ACTIVE
88608EDU3500L1Instructional Design & Tech.2 0000-0001 Jadav, Ameeta 1551000ACTIVE
88609EDU3510L1Classroom Management2 0000-0001 Tobias, Magdalene 1521300ACTIVE
88610EDU353OL1Teach the Lang Arts I3 0000-0001 Willocks, Cheryl M1541100ACTIVE
88657EDU354OL1Teach the Lang Arts4 0000-0001 Wilkins, Joyce R2002000CANCELLED
88611EDU3600L1Sci. & the Elementary Teacher5 0000-0001 Walters, Gerald A1531200ACTIVE
88656EDU365 Z1Tchng Soc Stud in Elem Schools3TR1600-1715 Larsen, Lauren C2041600ACTIVE
88917EDU452OL1Stud Tchng in Elem School9 0000-0001 Tobias, Hamil 2031700ACTIVE
88725EDU470 11Intern.for Practicing Teachers6 0000-0001 Sam, Marva R2002000CANCELLED
88909EDU501 Z1Tests and Measurements3M1730-2010 Tobias, Hamil 2002000CANCELLED
88910EDU5040L1Educational Psychology3 0000-0001 Tobias, Magdalene 2002000CANCELLED
88911EDU505 Z1Amer Educ w/ Ref to VI3W1730-2010 Edwin, Judith W2011900ACTIVE
88904EDU506 Z1Found of School Counseling3T1730-2010 Allen, Xuri Maurice2002000CANCELLED
88912EDU520 Z1Char of Exceptional Children3 0000-0001 Charleswell, Renee 2011900ACTIVE
88905EDU542Z1Theor,Strat&Tech of Counseling3 0000-0001 Allen, Xuri Maurice2002000CANCELLED
88906EDU545 Z1Sem in Current Trends in Cslng3 0000-0001 Allen, Xuri Maurice2002000CANCELLED
88907EDU586 Z1Practicum in Counseling3R1900-2130 Allen, Xuri Maurice2002000CANCELLED
88908EDU600 Z1Thesis1 0000-0001 Brown, Karen Harris2002000CANCELLED