SXM - Spring 2017 Schedule
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15896ACC44001Cost Accounting3F1700-2100 Gouws, Dion 2031700ACTIVE
       S0800-1300 Gouws, Dion 2031700ACTIVE
15793BUS43601Business Strategy3F1700-2100 Metts, Glenn A2081200ACTIVE
       S0800-1300 Metts, Glenn A2081200ACTIVE
15796BUS43601Business Strategy3 0000-0001 Metts, Glenn A00000CANCELLED
15794BUS47401Professional Dvlpmnt Seminar1 0000-0001 Gittens, Natasha Juliana2011900ACTIVE
15795BUS47501Ungrd. Intern in Business2 0000-0001 Gittens, Natasha Juliana2051500ACTIVE
15559EDU23021Educational Psychology3 0000-0001 Hendrix, Steven E2021800ACTIVE
15557EDU25021Curric Development & Instruct3 0000-0001 Molloy, Gary A2081200ACTIVE
15558EDU35131Classroom Management2 0000-0001 Tobias, Magdalene 2011900ACTIVE
15031EDU50431Educational Psychology3 0000-0001 Tobias, Magdalene 2013700ACTIVE
15038EDU54631Practicum in Counseling3 0000-0001 Hendrix, Steven E2081200ACTIVE
15036EDU54921Superv of Instr & Staff Devel3 0000-0001 Carter, Emily R2051500ACTIVE