SXM - Fall 2016 Schedule
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83485ACC302A.1Intermediate Accounting II3F1700-2100 Gouws, Dion 20020CANCELLED
       S0800-1300 Gouws, Dion 20020CANCELLED
83597ACC30311Intermediate Accounting III3 - Gouws, Dion 1037ACTIVE
83483BUS474A.1Professional Dvlpmnt Seminar1 0000-0001 Gittens, Natasha Juliana20713ACTIVE
83484DSC430A.1Production & Operations Mgt.3F1700-2100 Kisuule, Benon 20911ACTIVE
       S0800-1300 Kisuule, Benon 20911ACTIVE
83562EDU230OL1Educational Psychology3 0000-0001 Tobias, Magdalene 20812ACTIVE
83477EDU50111Tests and Measurements3 0000-0001 Griffith, Denis 20137ACTIVE
83478EDU5450L1Seminar in Current Trends3 0000-0001 Hendrix, Steven E20812ACTIVE
83479EDU54831Org & Govern of Amer Education3 0000-0001 Edwin, Judith W20515ACTIVE
83486MGT429A.1Organizational Behavior3TR1800-2100 Gittens, Natasha Juliana20020ACTIVE