SXM - Spring 2016 Schedule
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20519ACC302 A1Intermediate Accounting II3F1700-2100 Gouws, Dion 30327ACTIVE
       S0800-1300 Gouws, Dion 30327ACTIVE
20517DSC410 A1Quantitative Methods3F1700-2100 Hudspeth, Lonnie James301020ACTIVE
       S0800-1300 Hudspeth, Lonnie James301020ACTIVE
20454EDU50631Foundations of Guidance3 0000-0001 Hendrix, Steven E20137ACTIVE
20455EDU542ONL1Theor,Strat&Tech of Counseling3 0000-0001 Hendrix, Steven E20812ACTIVE
20456EDU547 21Fund of School Administration3 0000-0001 Harrigan, Ronald E20515ACTIVE
20518MGT410 A1Labor Management Relations3TR1800-2100 Gittens, Natasha Juliana30822ACTIVE
20516MGT434A1Public Policy Toward Business3TR1800-2100 Gittens, Natasha Juliana30822ACTIVE