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Full Summer - 10 Week
56486BIO397O1Jr Science Seminar I1 0000-0001 Platenberg, Renata Jacilyn10640ACTIVE
56485BIO398O1Jr Science Seminar II1 0000-0001 Platenberg, Renata Jacilyn10190ACTIVE
56190BIO49511Directed Independent Research1 - TBA, 0000ACTIVE
56191BIO49611Internship/Field Studies1 - TBA, 0000ACTIVE
56310CLIC80241Org. Theory & Analysis3 0000-0001 Valley, Clinton A.3017130ACTIVE
56451CLIC80331Ethics & Soc. Jus Ldrshp3 0000-0001 Coleman, Mary 2010100ACTIVE
56301CLIC80841Action & Par Rsrch Meth III3 0000-0001 Boncana, Mohomodou 3017130ACTIVE
56295CLIC80911Capstone/Dissertation I1 0000-0001 Maddirala, James S.504370ACTIVE
56487CLIC81431Crt. Assmnt - Meth & Resources3 0000-0001 TBA, 301290ACTIVE
56452CLIC82231Grp. Dyn: Eff Teams & Grp Dvlp4 0000-0001 TBA, 302280ACTIVE
56453CLIC82631CEL for a Changing World3 0000-0001 Valley, Clinton A.303270ACTIVE
56309CSC117ONL1Intro to Programming I4 0000-0001 Francois, Michael T15690ACTIVE
        0000-0001 Boumedine, Marc 15690ACTIVE
56460CSC118ONL1Intro to Programming II4 0000-0001 Boumedine, Marc 202180ACTIVE
56396CSC420 ON1Software Engineering4 0000-0001 Kentopp, Timothy 10370ACTIVE
56245CSC495 I1Dir. Ind.Research in Comp Sci1 0000-0001 Boumedine, Marc 3210ACTIVE
56246CSC495IN1Dir. Ind.Research in Comp Sci1 0000-0001 Luciano, Joanne Sylvia0000ACTIVE
56373EDU567IND1Direct.Field Experience in Adm3 0000-0001 Hill, John E1100ACTIVE
56290HOS230ONL1Hospitality Internship I4 0000-0001 Lang, Tamara Anjoanette202180ACTIVE
56291HOS430ONL1Hospitality Internship II4 0000-0001 Lang, Tamara Anjoanette201190ACTIVE
56192MBI49511Dir Ind Research-MBI1 - TBA, 0000ACTIVE
56193MBI49611Internship/Field Studies1 - TBA, 0000ACTIVE
56464NUR322A1Evidenced-Based Practice3 0000-0001 Daneri, Bettina M201910ACTIVE

Summer 1 - 5 Week
56258ACC201 Z4Financial Accounting I3MW1730-1940 Depusoir, Francisco Emanuel201190ACTIVE
56428ACC301 Z4Intermediate Accounting I3MW1730-1940 Samuel, Vincent 206140ACTIVE
56429ACC520 Z4Bus Environ & Concept CPA Prep1MW1730-1940 Esdaille, Eustace L.15780ACTIVE
56430ACC521Z4CPA Exam Prep: Regulation2TR1730-1940 Esdaille, Eustace L.15780ACTIVE
56367BIO142O4General Biology II4 0000-0001 Cox, Michelle 140140CANCELLED
56196BIO49524Directed Independent Research1 0000-0001 Rogers, Lavida Rashida1100ACTIVE
56197BIO49624Internship/Field Studies1 - TBA, 0000ACTIVE
56262BUS112 Z4Introduction to Business3MW1600-1830 Flemming, Barbara E203170ACTIVE
56265BUS351 Z4Business Law3MTWR1730-1930 Adams, Elmo A205150ACTIVE
56267BUS4360NL4Business Strategy3 0000-0001 Metts, Glenn A208120ACTIVE
56269BUS474Z4Professional Dvlpmnt Seminar1W1730-1940 Fleming, Maria E.208120ACTIVE
56228CHE121HYB4Fundamentals of Chemistry3TWR1400-1630 Latesky, Stanley L10820ACTIVE
56180CHE151HYB4General Chemistry I4MTWR0800-1030 Latesky, Stanley L205150ACTIVE
56181CHE151LHYB4General Chemistry I Lab1TWR0000-0001 Latesky, Stanley L207130ACTIVE
56289CHE253 HY4Organic Chemistry I4MTWRF1300-1530 Castillo, Bernard Fernando10460ACTIVE
56491CHE496O14Internship/Field Studies1 0000-0001 Latesky, Stanley L2020ACTIVE
56492CHE496O24Internship/Field Studies1 0000-0001 Buxani, Neelam S.1100ACTIVE
56214CJU110OL4Intro to Criminal Justice3 0000-0001 Gordon, Eddie 155100ACTIVE
56215CJU240OL4Constitutional Law3 0000-0001 Henderson, Emile 154110ACTIVE
56422CJU310 OL4Women Crime and Justice3 0000-0001 Gordon, Eddie 155100ACTIVE
56216CJU321OL4Contemporary Corrections3 0000-0001 Curtis, William Arthur10640ACTIVE
56342COM119OL4Intrprsnl Comm. Ldershp Skills3 0000-0001 Honore, Sharon Albert302910ACTIVE
56345COM120OL4Public Speaking3 0000-0001 Edgecombe, David E15870ACTIVE
56411CSC110ON4Intro Prog & Problem Solving3 0000-0001 Francois, Michael T10190ACTIVE
56421CSC235ONL4ACS Technology Virtural Lab1 0000-0001 Francois, Michael T100100CANCELLED
56412CSC241 O4Intro Comp Archict & Dig Systm4 0000-0001 Kentopp, Timothy 10280ACTIVE
56227CSC496I4Internship/Field Studies1 0000-0001 Boumedine, Marc 0000ACTIVE
56416DSC430Z4Production & Operations Mgt.3T1600-1810 Metts, Glenn A209110ACTIVE
56241ECO221OL4Intro to Macro-Economics3 0000-0001 Solomon, Hossana 201460ACTIVE
56242ECO222OL4Intro to Micro-Economics3 0000-0001 Solomon, Hossana 201280ACTIVE
56234EDU320Z4Compu in ESL Curr & Instrc3 0000-0001 Cruz Arthurton, Migdalia 201280ACTIVE
56302EDU324Z4Second Language Acquisition3 0000-0001 Cruz Arthurton, Migdalia 201190ACTIVE
56437EDU351Z4Classroom Management2 0000-0001 Tobias, Magdalene 202180ACTIVE
56375EDU520Z4Char of Exceptional Children3 0000-0001 Charleswell, Renee 155100ACTIVE
56457EDU543Z4Group & Family Counseling3 0000-0001 Allen, Xuri Maurice200200CANCELLED
56361EDU547Z4Fund of School Administration3 0000-0001 Valley, Clinton A.200200CANCELLED
56156EDU550Z4Seminar-Issues in Edu Admin3MWF1700-2010 Valley, Clinton A.200200ACTIVE
56376EDU556Z4Spec Edu:Strat & Design3 0000-0001 Tobias, Magdalene 150150CANCELLED
56134ENG051OL4Functional Writing3 0000-0001 Cooper, Vincent O209110ACTIVE
56381ENG100OL4Writing across the Curriculum1 0000-0001 Tonks, Thalassa Philomen201190ACTIVE
56383ENG101OL4Reading in the Content Area1 0000-0001 Cruz, Julie A206140ACTIVE
56135ENG120OL4English Composition3 0000-0001 Wymer, Linda R201550ACTIVE
56380ENG201OL4Research and Applied Writing3 0000-0001 Harkins- Pierre, Patricia G2021-10ACTIVE
56224ENG261 OL4World Literature I3 0000-0001 Harkins- Pierre, Patricia G251690ACTIVE
56136ENG262OL4World Literature II3 0000-0001 Lewis-Brown, Alscess G201190ACTIVE
56385ENG303 OL4Intermediate Verse Writing3 0000-0001 TBA, 10190CANCELLED
56463FDS100ON4Freshman Development Seminar1 0000-0001 Capriola, David Michael155100ACTIVE
56405HIS181OL4World Civilizations3 0000-0001 Sekou, Malik 153120ACTIVE
56406HIS342OL4History of the VI3 0000-0001 Francis, Kula A151140ACTIVE
56231HUM115OL4Introduction to Humanities3 0000-0001 Terrasi, Robert 252320ACTIVE
56248IST210Z4Business Informations Systems3M1730-1930 Berkeley, Jarelle A204160ACTIVE
56140MAT023ON4Intro Algebra Cncpts Skills I4MTWRF1730-1940 Marcel-Lewis, Meria J254210ACTIVE
56141MAT024HYB4Intro Algebra Cncept Skills II4MTWRF1340-1550 Mills, Nadia M.2510150ACTIVE
56142MAT140HYB4College Algebra with Apps4MTWRF1400-1610 Gaskin, Joseph 252500ACTIVE
56144MAT143 ON4PreCalculus Algebra4MTWRF0900-1110 Plyley, Christopher Nolan258170ACTIVE
56151MAT232HYB4Calculus-Business & Social Sci4MTWRF1700-1910 Gaskin, Joseph 251870ACTIVE
56152MAT235HYB4Intro to Statistics with Apps4MTWRF1600-1810 Stolz, Robert 251780ACTIVE
56153MAT241HYB4Intro Calculus & Anal Geom I4 0000-0001 Stolz, Robert 2510150ACTIVE
56198MBI49524Dir Ind Research-MBI1 - TBA, 0000ACTIVE
56199MBI49604Internship/Field Studies1 - TBA, 0000ACTIVE
56273MGT301Z4Principles of Management3MTWR1730-1930 Hudspeth, Lonnie James204160ACTIVE
56435MGT410 Z4Labor Management Relations3TR1600-1830 Flemming, Barbara E202180ACTIVE
56434MGT434Z4Public Policy Toward Business3TR1730-1940 Flemming, Paul L205150ACTIVE
56272MKT301 Z4Principles of Marketing3M1730-1940 MacKenzie, Lydia M.201190ACTIVE
56465NSC104ONL4Astronomy4MW1730-1845 Ashcraft, Teresa Ann0000CANCELLED
56137PHI200OL4Critical Thinking3 0000-0001 Capriola, David Michael2511140ACTIVE
56159PLS200Z4Self Mgmnt: Wellness & Risk2 0000-0001 Heikkila, Erik L201910ACTIVE
56160PLS200 Z4Self Mgmnt: Wellness & Risk2 0000-0001 Heikkila, Erik L201190ACTIVE
56237POL120OL4Intro to Political Science3 0000-0001 Francis, Kula A155100ACTIVE
56238POL321OL4Contemporary Corrections3 0000-0001 Curtis, William Arthur5050ACTIVE
56128PSY120OL4General Psychology3 0000-0001 Jaeger, Elizabeth 201370ACTIVE
56448PSY202 ON4Life Span Development3 0000-0001 Dudemaine, Kathleen M155100ACTIVE
56379PSY432ONL4Psychology of Personality3 0000-0001 TBA, 150150CANCELLED
56462PSY466ON4Psychology of Sex and Gender3 0000-0001 Walker, Sheena M.154110ACTIVE
56129PSY541ONL4Psychological Counseling3 0000-0001 Hamilton, Dara M.151140ACTIVE
56130PSY644ONL4Coummunity Mental Health Coun3 0000-0001 Walker, Sheena M.152130ACTIVE
56404PUA532OL4Government, Business & Society3 0000-0001 Hendrickson, Kenny A205150ACTIVE
56403PUA548 O4Ethics in Public Administratio3 0000-0001 Hendrickson, Kenny A203170ACTIVE
56384RCA021OL4Reading in the Content Areas3 0000-0001 Cruz, Julie A206140ACTIVE
56218SOC121 OL4Intro To Sociology3 0000-0001 Thomas, Karen F.151050ACTIVE
56454SPA131 OL4Functional Elem Spanish I4 0000-0001 Oizumi, Monica 201370ACTIVE
56455SPA131 O4Functional Elem Spanish I4 0000-0001 Oizumi, Monica 207130ACTIVE
56217SSC100 OL4An Intro Soc.Sci.A Carib.Focus3 0000-0001 Clavier, Nisha N154110ACTIVE
56382WAC011 O4Writing Across the Curriculum3 0000-0001 Tonks, Thalassa Philomen201190ACTIVE

Summer 2 - 5 Week
56259ACC202 Z5Management Accounting3MW1730-1940 Depusoir, Francisco Emanuel207130ACTIVE
56431ACC302 Z5Intermediate Accounting II3MW1730-1940 Samuel, Vincent 206140ACTIVE
56433ACC522 Z5CPA Exam Prep: Fin Acct Rpt2MW1730-1940 Esdaille, Eustace L.15780ACTIVE
56432ACC524 Z5CPA Exam Prep: Audit @ Attest1TR1730-1940 Esdaille, Eustace L.15780ACTIVE
56458BIO142ONL5General Biology II4MWF0900-1030 Cox, Michelle 141310ACTIVE
       MWF1045-1215 Cox, Michelle 141310ACTIVE
       MWF1400-1650 Cox, Michelle 141310ACTIVE
       TR0900-1015 Cox, Michelle 141310ACTIVE
56226BIO495I5Directed Independent Research1 0000-0001 TBA, 0000ACTIVE
56370BIO496A5Internship/Field Studies1 - TBA, 0000ACTIVE
56275BUS305 Z5Business Communication3MW1600-1830 Flemming, Barbara E208120ACTIVE
56276BUS475Z5Ungrd. Intern in Business2W1730-1940 Flemming, Paul L204160ACTIVE
56490CHE121ON5Fundamentals of Chemistry3TWR1400-1630 Latesky, Stanley L208120ACTIVE
56184CHE152ON5General Chemistry II4MTWRF1340-1550 Latesky, Stanley L201460ACTIVE
56187CHE152LO5General Chemistry II Lab1TWF0000-0001 Latesky, Stanley L201460ACTIVE
56493CHE496O35Internship/Field Studies1 0000-0001 Latesky, Stanley L2020ACTIVE
56494CHE496O45Internship/Field Studies1 0000-0001 Buxani, Neelam S.1100ACTIVE
56204CJU205OL5Administration of Justice3 0000-0001 Gordon, Eddie 151140ACTIVE
56205CJU207OL5Criminal Law3 0000-0001 Woods, Cherrisse Renee'154110ACTIVE
56206CJU325OL5Police Organization and Admin3 0000-0001 Curtis, William Arthur155100ACTIVE
56347COM119 OL5Intrprsnl Comm. Ldershp Skills3 0000-0001 Honore, Sharon Albert151140ACTIVE
56349COM120 OL5Public Speaking3 0000-0001 Edgecombe, David E201550ACTIVE
56413CSC243 O5Digital Communic & Networks4 0000-0001 Kentopp, Timothy 10190ACTIVE
56419CSC255ONL5Operating System Deployment3 0000-0001 Francois, Michael T10190ACTIVE
56439EDU221 Z5Foundations of Education3 0000-0001 Tobias, Magdalene 202180ACTIVE
56441EDU230Z5Educational Psychology3 0000-0001 Tobias, Magdalene 200200ACTIVE
56303EDU326Z5Reading for Second Lang Lrnrs3 0000-0001 Cruz Arthurton, Migdalia 201190ACTIVE
56233EDU330Z5Linguistics for ESL Tchrs3 0000-0001 Cruz Arthurton, Migdalia 201190ACTIVE
56360EDU544Z5Career Development Counseling3 0000-0001 Allen, Xuri Maurice200200CANCELLED
56362EDU551Z5Curriculum Development3 0000-0001 Tobias, Magdalene 203170ACTIVE
56483EDU562 Z5Introduction to Edu Technology3 0000-0001 Jadav, Ameeta 200200CANCELLED
56220ENG100 OL5Writing across the Curriculum1 0000-0001 Tonks, Thalassa Philomen201190ACTIVE
56236ENG101 O5Reading in the Content Area1 0000-0001 TBA, 200200ACTIVE
56207HIS182OL5World Civilizations3 0000-0001 Sekou, Malik 153120ACTIVE
56208HIS320OL5History of the U S3 0000-0001 Hendrickson, Kenny A153120ACTIVE
56209HIS341OL5Caribbean History3 0000-0001 Francis, Kula A153120ACTIVE
56252IST210 Z5Business Informations Systems3M1730-1930 Ryan, Everett A202180ACTIVE
56154MAT02415Intro Algebra Cncept Skills II4MTWRF0900-1110 Bowen, Diana Leigh2514110ACTIVE
56372MAT153HYB5College Trigonometry4MTWRF0900-1110 Parr, Adam W2511140ACTIVE
56155MAT242 HY5Intro Calculus & Anal Geom II4MTWRF1340-1550 Iannucci, Douglas 258170ACTIVE
56229MBI495B5Dir Ind Research-MBI1 - TBA, 0000ACTIVE
56230MBI496B5Internship/Field Studies1 - TBA, 0000ACTIVE
56278MGT342Z5Human Resource Management3TR1600-1830 Flemming, Barbara E201640ACTIVE
56281MGT528Z5Small Business Ownership3TR1730-1940 Flemming, Paul L202180ACTIVE
56446MKT334 Z5Advertising & Promo. Strategy3M1730-1940 MacKenzie, Lydia M.201190ACTIVE
56466NSC104OL5Astronomy4MW1730-1845 Ashcraft, Teresa Ann201730ACTIVE
56495PHY495O5Dir Ind Research-Phy1 0000-0001 Morris, David C1010ACTIVE
56243POL129OL5Intro To Public Admn3 0000-0001 Francis, Kula A152130ACTIVE
56316PSY202 Z5Life Span Development3MTWR1730-1845 Baumann, Aletha 202180ACTIVE
56459PSY432O5Psychology of Personality3 0000-0001 Jaeger, Elizabeth 152130ACTIVE
56132PSY542ONL5Soc & Cultural Context of Coun3 0000-0001 Hamilton, Dara M.151140ACTIVE
56133PSY645ONL5Counseling Voca & Career Devel3 0000-0001 Walker, Sheena M.151140ACTIVE
56407PUA550OL5Social Ent in Pub & Non Profit3 0000-0001 Hendrickson, Kenny A154110ACTIVE
56353RCA021 OL5Reading in the Content Areas3 0000-0001 TBA, 200200ACTIVE
56210SOC121OL5Intro To Sociology3 0000-0001 Seeber, Andrew R15960ACTIVE
56386SPA131OL5Functional Elem Spanish I4 0000-0001 Perez, Marta I.2021-10ACTIVE
56222SPA132OL5Functional Elem Spanish II4 0000-0001 Oizumi, Monica 2021-12ACTIVE
56223SPA231OL5Intermediate Spanish4 0000-0001 Oizumi, Monica 2021-10ACTIVE
56211SSC100OL5An Intro Soc.Sci.A Carib.Focus3 0000-0001 Perry, Molly Fitzgerald152130ACTIVE
56352WAC011OL5Writing Across the Curriculum3 0000-0001 Tonks, Thalassa Philomen200200ACTIVE