Course Information: Modern Concepts of Ecology  (17112)

Required Materials:   Your textbook, Essentials of Ecology by Miller & Spoolman, is available as a free pdf document at
Technical Requirements:   This course meets in-person and on campus. You are expected to look after the safety of yourself, your fellow students, your instructors, and everyone you come into contact with. Follow these rules at all times on campus: 1. Maintain 2 ft of distance from others. 2. Wear a properly fitted, medical or 3-layer mask over your nose and mouth at all times during class and while in the classrooms and hallways. A properly fitted mask folds under your chin while covering your entire mouth and most of your nose. 3. Do not eat or drink in the classrooms or hallways or during class time. 4. Do not congregate in the hallways or doorways. Please stay home if you are not feeling well. Office hours will be conducted via Zoom or Teams

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